Take Your Tennis Game to the Next Level

May 05, 2014

Fila® tennis star Vera Zvonareva likes to mix up her workouts by starting with strength exercises finishing up with cardio. Follow these tips to improve your swing strength, endurance and speed on the court.


  • Focus on agility drills. Agility exercises include suicide runs on the court, shuffles, short powerful sprints to quick brakes and backwards sprints.

  • Jump rope. Mixing in sets of jumping rope throughout your strength training exercises is a great way to burst your heart rate and get your legs and calves used to explosive movements.

  • Power your swing. Vera suggests using the “edge swing” that golfers use to gain power in your swing. To do this, practice your forehand but take your non-dominant hand off the racquet. For example, if you’re right-handed, you would take your left hand off and practice your forehand swing with just your right hand. Doing this will help increase your strength and accuracy with your leading arm.

  • Strengthen your forearm.There are many exercises designed to strengthen your forearms and grip that will help your swing tremendously. Exercises such as the upward and downward wrist curl, farmers walk, chin ups or hammer grip biceps curls are all ways to strengthen the muscles in your forearm.

  • Increase your speed on the court. Vera explains that to get faster on the court you need to gain muscle in your glutes. She says you should focus on explosive and powerful movements while doing speed workouts. Long, slower paced runs aren’t going to increase your quickness on the court. Practicing explosive movements helps turn on your fast twitch muscle fibers so you can sprint and change directions quickly.

  • Test your limits in a group exercise class. Classes such as BLITZ™ Blast, which focuses on power and explosive movements, and FILA®SLAM™, a tennis based bootcamp-style class, will get you ready for the court in no time!