Be Healthier, Be Happier!

Jun 04, 2014

Life coach and Sports Club/LA-Washington DC Member, Sara Oliveri is one of 250 people in the world to earn her Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology  –  the study of optimal human functioning. Sara works with many organizations from top tier law firms to health clubs helping them to build productive and engaging work environments. Here's her advice on the importance of happiness and optimism and how you can add some pep in your step to make your life more fulfilling. 
Happier people live longer, sleep better, are less likely to catch the common cold and are even less likely to die in car crashes than their “unhappy” counterparts. Happiness is an integral part of our overall health. So what IS the secret to happiness? Researchers have been trying to scientifically clarify that for about 15 years now, and there seems to be two indisputable facts about happiness: It requires an optimistic attitude toward life and close social relationships. Watch the TED talk below to learn two simple steps to lifelong happiness, and consider how you can incorporate these steps into your exercise routine. For example, working out with a friend instead of alone is a great start. Or, when you miss a day at the gym, don’t beat yourself up about it. Another great idea: Involve your family in your fitness routine and activities. Just keep making time for exercise! Physical activity is the most effective mood enhancer out there – proven more effective for treating depression than any drug on the market. So, get moving!