Jun 25, 2014

By Christine Dailey

If you’re a Member, you should have received our INSIGHT survey by now. We’ve been randomly sending these surveys since April 1, based on your check-ins. Led by our VP of Operations Doug Reffue, the survey aims to collect actionable feedback from all of our Members. Doug sat down with us to explain the program – how it works, the feedback we’re getting and how we’ll be taking action to enhance the Member experience.


What are the main goals of the INSIGHT Program?

Doug: It’s a reality check on how we’re doing – essentially, a tool for quality control, to make sure our service standards are being met. We hear a lot from vocal Members, but we don’t hear much from the majority of our Member base, so this is a way for everyone to voice their opinion.

How is INSIGHT different from other surveys?

Doug: It’s a simple survey with only seven questions that takes less than two minutes to complete. The questions were designed to prompt actionable responses. It’s meant to give us specific feedback so we can respond to the Member and their particular issue within 24 hours. Each Member is eligible to receive a survey every 90 days after checking in, so the survey is ongoing.

What are Members saying?

Doug: In general, we’re hearing good things. Members love the Club, the facility we provide and the camaraderie that goes along with it. Members hold us to high standards, as they should, because they pay for the best and expect the best. Some things they’ve called to our attention are locker rooms and the wet areas, the variety of group exercise classes and frustrations about cell phone usage. These are all things we can take care of in the short term. For longer term suggestions, we have a capital budget dedicated to address larger facility updates. Offering feedback through the survey is a great way for Members to help us prioritize those projects.

What kind of changes should Members expect to see in the near future?

Doug: You can expect an increased awareness of our service standards. We’re taking our service standards to the next level to enhance the overall Member experience and interaction. We’ve also got some longer-term capital improvements going on, such as renovations in our Washington DC spa, and the restaurant and café in our San Francisco Club.

How does this information help Club management?

Doug: This information is very specific, making it actionable for us. It’s great insight on Member needs and expectations, so we can learn what we need to do better.

What’s the ultimate Member experience?

Doug: To consistently experience great five-star service every time they enter the Club. It’s being warm and welcoming so Members feel taken care of and don’t have to worry about a thing. The Club should be a home away from home for our Members. Ultimately, it’s also providing the best-of-the-best fitness experience in the city.

What’s the biggest challenge in implementing Member suggestions?

Doug: There are tons of great ideas and many different opinions. It’s finding a balance of staying true to our brand and still addressing as much of the feedback as possible.

Are Members happy with their Club experience?

Doug: The vast majority of our Members are pleased with their experience. However, the bar is set extremely high so we have a lot to do to get where we want to be. We’re ready to take on that challenge and create an even better experience for our Members.

What can we be doing better?

Doug: We need to improve our fundamentals – just like a basketball team! We need to pay more attention to detail when it comes to staffing, cleaning and quality control. These are all things we can work on every hour of every day.

Any final thoughts for our Members?

Doug: The INSIGHT program is here to stay. We’re invested and truly want to hear from you, so please respond when you receive a survey. We read every single word of every survey, so keep providing that feedback! We’re seeing a great response rate and are hoping it stays that way.