Etiquette 101: Cell Phones in the Club

Jul 02, 2014

By Christine Dailey

Picture this: You’re trying to get in a quick, 40-minute workout and you head to the lat pull-down machine. It’s taken – by a guy sitting there on his phone. Ok, he’s just resting in between sets. No big deal. You go do something else and come back 10 minutes later. He’s still sitting there on his phone because he got distracted by a text, email or his Instagram feed. Ugh!


Ever experience something like that – people lollygagging around the fitness floor distracted by their phones? Even worse, the woman on the Stairmaster next to you is chatting on her cell phone telling her BFF about her date last night. Even your own music won’t tune her out. Or how about that guy with his cell phone directed right at you as you’re on your way back from the shower in the locker room? He’s most likely catching up on email, but you can’t help but think he could be snapping a pic!

That’s where our cell phone policy comes into play. Don’t worry – we understand that cell phones are a very important part of your lives. So, to make everyone’s workout more enjoyable, and to respect the privacy of all our Members, this is all we ask:

On the fitness floor: Use your cell phone for anything recreational, except for talking! Feel free to use it to text, stream music, view social media, check email and watch videos. Just be mindful of your surroundings when using your phone so you’re not in the way of others. You can talk on your phone anywhere else in the Club: hallways, deck, café, lobby, bar, etc.

In the locker room: Since most cell phones have cameras, we ask that you keep your cell phone out of sight for privacy reasons. You may be innocently checking email, but another Member could view it as a potential infringement of privacy.